For precise and reproducible function tests for quality assurance, e.g. in the development of battery modules or battery packs

Battery Cell Tester BCT

The compact battery cell test system consists of a combined, dual cabinet system, consisting of a temperature test cabinet with cooling / heating unit and an LE cabinet (power electronics). The LE cabinet is attached to the rear of the temperature test cabinet. An intermediate zone is used for thermal separation and for routing cables up to the through-hole plating in the temperature chamber. The system is suitable for battery cells up to 1,000 mm and a maximum weight of 80 kg / layer.


The temperature control cabinet is equipped with 5 layers, whereby the layers can be individually removed for external equipment. The contact with the power electronics takes place automatically at the end position of the layer.





Technical Data


Temperature Control Cabinet

Temperature range -30 … +60 °C
External dimensions W x H x D on request mm
Inside dimensions W x H x D 1,200 x 1,000 x 600 mm
Layer for test item 5 (individually removable for external equipping) layer
Loading per layer 80 kg
test piece size w x h x d 1,125 x 160 x 560
(Standard layer for max. 6 test items)
Heating speed (IEC 60068-3-5) 3 (empty cell) K/min
2 (200 kg DUT)
Cooling speed (IEC 60068-3-5) 2 (empty cell) K/min
1 (200 kg DUT)
Heat compensation 2 (at -30°C) kW
5 (at +20°C)
Ambient temperature +10 … +35 °C


LE Cabinet

Outside dimensions W x H x D on request mm
DC power channels 30 channels
Channels per layer 6 (suitable for series and parallel operation) channels
Current per channel I nomen +plusmn; 160 A
Overload ± 250
- S6 (60s)
Voltage 0 … ± 10 V




  • Exact testing of battery cells to ensure quality and performance
  • Reproducible, realistic function, performance and aging tests



Advantages / Highlights

  • Very compact design
    → power unit and temperature control cabinet from a single source
  • Suitable for battery cells with a length of up to 1,000 mm
  • Testing multiple large cells per layer
    → max. weight 80 kg/layer
  • High-current tests per test item of 960 A duration and 1500 A peak
  • Modular configurable channels
    → Adaptation to changing requirements is possible at any time