For quick charging of electric vehicles in combination with a road drive simulation test bench or as soak room test.

Simply Upgrade Your Existing Chassis Dyno!

Battery Fast Charging Station HPDC 1000/400

The DC charging station serves as a high speed charging station for electric vehicles with a DC voltage connection directly at a already existing stationary road drive simulation test bench.


It consists of a charging station, which is placed near the vehicle in the test cell or soak room and a power unit, which is located e.g. near the power control cabinet of the test bench. The power electronics for generating the regulated DC charging voltage is preferably connected to the existing DC link of the motor converter (test bench power supply cabinet) of the existing vehicle test bench.


This adaption is manufacturer-independent, as long as certain technical marginal parameters are kept. Alternatively (optional), a separate DC link Feed unit may be used, which e.g. becomes necessary for EMC chassis dynos from AIP.


The HPDC charging station can be equipped with the 4 international charging standards CCS1, CCS2, CHAdeMO and GB/T. It is possible, to use the two combined charging systems (CCS1+2) as uncooled charging lines or as liquid cooled charging lines for the High Power Charging (HPC) with current to realize up to 400 kW charging power.








The required communication with the test vehicle during DC charging is taken over by a charging controller, which controls the various charging standards. The test vehicle acts as a master system and the charging station sets the required charging parameters as a slave system.


In addition, the complete charging infrastructure can be integrated into existing safety systems such as emergency stop, fire alarm, etc.



Example of HPDC 1000/400 Charge

1,000 V voltage range, max. 400 kW charging power, divided e.g. on 4 consumers ? 100 kW (1 x vehicle on a chassis dynamometer, 3 x vehicle in a 'soak room').