Test Systems for a Clean and Safe Environment


AIP Automotive

AIP supplements the product line of the APL group with the premium class vehicle special test benches. We design and produce customized test systems for development and manufacturing centers of almost all major vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers at locally and abroad. Our claim is the technology and service leadership in the field of vehicle testing technology.


AIP develops and manufactures special testing equipment (reproducible road driving simulation) for cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATV, tractors, forklift trucks, special vehicles, etc., in the areas of research and development, type approval and quality assurance.


  • Emission and fuel consumption measurement
  • Acoustic measurement (NVH)
  • Endurance testing COP
  • Performance measurement (e.g. in a wind tunnel)
  • Functional testing (e.g. in climatic and altitude chambers)
  • Verification electro-magnetic compliance (EMC)
  • Hydraulic road simulation testing (shaker)
  • Emission measurement systems
  • Test automation
  • Robot driver / Throttle actuator
  • Vehicle cooling fans
  • Drivers aid systems


The AIP comprehensive system solutions are of modular design and easily adaptable to various vehicle types and customer requirements (budget, time frame, laws and regulations, etc.).


A long-term close cooperation with our customers worldwide as well as a high degree of selfmotivation for the development of new testing equipment guarantees innovative solutions for a variety of test requirements.

The motivation and creativity of our employees, a modern environmentally friendly production facility and the continuous development of our Products and Services creates a high level of customer satisfaction and trust.


Our company is certified:


  • Quality management according to ISO 9001
  • Environmental management according to ISO 14001
  • Calibration compentence according to:
    DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018
  • Security and Health according to ISO 45001
  • Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange

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