Highly reproducible drive cycles over long periods of time.

Automatic Driving Robot JAMES

The automatic driving robot JAMES was developed with the view to an intelligent and modular system design. This allows extremely short setup/installation times and a simple, menu-driven operation. The application is usually in automated road driving simulations on a chassis dyno or on flat track dyno, requiring a high degree of reproducibility and accuracy.


Application Examples

  • Emission tests
  • Mileage accumulation tests
  • Non-stop trips (24 hours / 7 days)
  • Reproucible road drive simulation in NVH-, altitude- or climatic chambers
  • Automated driving under adverse or hazardous environmental conditions


  • Fuel consumption optimized (energy optimized)
  • Emission optimized
  • Compact, modular design
  • Rugged design, low wear and minimal service
  • Threaded spindle free driven linear-actuators (pending patent) for a high dynamic control of the pedals and the gear shift assembly
  • Weight saving design
  • Simple, fast installation (< 8 min.)
  • Simple, menue driven setup (teach-in)



  • EMC neutral pneumatic operated drive robot for EMC measurement