Exhaust dilution system using critical flow venturis with volume flow measurement and sampling taking for the exhaust gas analysis.

Constant Emission Volume Identification CVS

For the certification of vehicles and combustion engines according to the latest emission regulations, such as: UNECE R83, EPA 40 CFR 86, WLTP TRIAS Att 42).



  • Most compact CVS system on the market
  • Consistently straight exhaust system
  • Tandem blowers
  • Components networking via EtherCAT
  • 3x probe sampling venturi
  • Max. flow 30 m³/min.


  • Shared cabinet design, with very easy access for maintenance and service work
  • Standard industrial hardware avoids high replacement costs
  • Low switching time for 15 flow levels (< 250 ms)
  • Simultaneous filling, analyzing, rinsing and evacuation ensures maximum efficiency
  • High-capacity vacuum pump for high-speed rinse / evacuation of the bag
  • Modular expansion (e.g. dilution air treatment, dilution path control)