Reproducible emission, consumption and quality measurements, e.g. in the field of vehicle development and certification.

Chassis Dynamometer CDM 72" 2WD/4WD for Commercial Vehicles

Single axis- or all-wheel-driven test stands for trucks, busses and special vehicles. Conforms to the US-spec "EPA RFP C100081 T1" as well as to the requirements of the current European and Japanese Guidelines.



  • 72" (1,828 mm) Roller set with AC motor for measurement of heavy trucks, busses, etc. (MIM‚ inline principle or multi-motor principle)
  • Precise, reproducible mass simulation
  • Accuracy exceeds EPA's requirements
  • Extremely compact design
  • Narrow pit dimensions
  • Excellent 4WD synchronization
    • High dynamic regulation
  • Interface to common emission measurement systems
  • Variety of performance classes available

Optional Accessories

  • Hydraulic tie-down device
  • Automatic centering device
  • Automatic lowering of test stand decking plates for tandem axle (dual axle) operation
  • Service central pit between rolls, including height-adjustable service platform