Count solid exhaust particles and particulate mass determination.

Solid Particle Counter SPC

For determining the number concentration of solid exhaust particles in combustion engines.


Sampling is from a full or partial flow dilution system or even directly possible from the raw exhaust gas sample. An optimized sampling system for raw exhaust protects the particle counter from excessive particulate and temperature stress.



Designed in accordance with European regulations and beyond the specifications of the German Automotive Industry (ECE R83, PMP Group). Certified by AEA Energy & Environment.


  • Compact design (19"/6U)
  • Ease of service
  • Optional TSI or Grimm CPC
  • Automated procedures for startup and maintenance
  • Aerodynamic raw exhaust exhaust diluter (optional)
  • HFID Heated Flame Ionisation Detector

Particle Mass Controller PMC

For the gravimetric determination of particulate mass solid exhaust particles from internal combustion engines. Provides space for the integration of a heated analyzer e.g. for THC measurement of diesel vehicles.



  • Design in accordance with worldwide requirements (UNECE R83, EPA 40 CFR 86, TRIAS Att. 42 WLTP)
  • Very compact (19"/6U)
  • On request also available as a separate desktop unit
  • Up to 4 filter paths
  • Mass Flow – regulated to 80 Nl/min.
  • Automatic self-calibration with 2 integrated venturi nozzles