Precise examinations of noise sources, endurance test, component tests, fatigue tests, etc. under dynamic loads.

Hydraulic Road Simulation Test Stand  (Road-Simulator)

Real or synthetic generated road profiles be initiated with road simulators in vehicles. That enable precise analysis of noise sources, continuous testing, component testing, fatigue testing, etc. under dynamic loads.


Quality Benefits

Critical driving ranges can be driven repeatedly, modified and or reinforced without limits using dynamic road simulators. An exact analysis can be presented in detail concerning possible sources of disturbances and influencing variables.


Cost Advantages

Road simulators are used in conjunction with climate chambers and solar systems to achieve a substantial reduction in costs and time when compared to conventional testing involving real road driving under variable climatic conditions.

Application Examples

  • Research of endurance stability / signs of fatigue
  • Noise analysis of total systems and individual components
  • Serviceability analysis
  • Optimization of spring and damping properties



Depending on the application, hydraulic simulation test stands can be one-poster system up to multi-post systems.


  • One poster system (shock absorber, component test, etc.)
  • Multi-poster system (road simulator, exhaust line test, etc.)
  • Multi-poster system (fender test, shaker, movements with 6 degrees of motion)