Emission Chassis Dyno (single roller) for motorcycles, scooters, trikes, etc.

Emission Chassis Dyno ECDM-21 MC for Motorcycles, Trikes and ATV

Designed for use in research and development centers, manufacturing plants of motorcycle OEM's and their tier suppliers.


Rolling road for measurements according to the US Specification "EPA RFP C1000081 T1" and also the valid Japanese and European guidelines and standards.



  • Emission measurement
  • Temperature tests (climate chamber)
  • Preconditioning
  • Production quality control (COP)
  • 75 FTP / SFTP (US06)
  • EPA Fuel consumption tests
  • ECE + EUDC
  • Japan 10 ... 15 mode
  • Mileage accumulation


  • Electrical mass simulation 200 ... 1,600 lbs (electric)
  • Single roller with 400 mm diameter (other roll diameters available upon request)
  • AC motor 50 kW or larger
  • Wear and maintenance-free design for multi-shift operation
  • Fast data availability through simple, user-friendly setup and clear operation
  • A modular test concept for a variety of development stages, requirements and budgets

Optional Accessory Packages

  • E.g. for the expansion of power, the test speed and e.g. the temperature range (e.g. -30°C ... +45°C)
  • Vehicle cooling fans in different versions