Battery Charging in Compound with an EMC Test Stand

Example installation setup
Battery charging system, integrated within a EMC test stand turntable.



With the AIP EMC charging box, tests are carried out in accordance with the requirements of ECE R10 and GB/T18387. This describes the testing of electrical and electronic components that are intended for installation in vehicles. A distinction is made between 2 types of tests:


  1. Requirements relating to immunity to radiated and conducted interference in functions related to direct control of the vehicle, to the protection of the driver, passengers and other road users and to interference that could confuse the driver or other road users.
  2. Requirements relating to the control of unwanted radiated and conducted emissions to protect the intended use of electrical or electronic equipment in your own or in neighboring vehicles or in their vicinity and the control of malfunctions caused by accessories that may have been retrofitted in the vehicle.


Proof of Measured Values

for the lower deviation of the standards ECE R10 and GB / T 18387 over the entire range by at least 10 dB/µV


150 kHz - 30 MHz

30 MHz - 1 GHz





AIP Universal Compact DC Charging Box

for all common charging standards



All-in-one box, compact design, movable



Technical Features

  • All-in-one box, compact design, movable
    Dimension of housing: 1,330 x 875 x 408 mm (L x W x H)
  • Connection possibility for all common uncooled charging cables
  • incl. integrated EMC filter technology
  • incl. integrated charge control
  • incl. possibility to integrate a optional power grid simulation (Line impedance stabilisation network) LISN (800 A)
  • The compact AIP charging technology can be used in conjunction with AIP RMV (EMC) test stands, as well as with test stands from other manufacturers
  • Automatic full-surface contact to the base plate by its own weight


Technical Data

Output voltage: 50 … 1,000 V

Designed for continuous current carrying capacity: 500 A


Max. Current carrying capacity for vehicle outlet 1

  • CCS Typ 1: 200 A
  • CCS Typ 2: 200 A
  • GB/T : 250 A
  • CHAdeMO: 250 A

Max. Current carrying capacity for vehicle outlet 2

  • CCS Typ 1: 500 A
  • CCS Typ 2: 500 A
  • CAN and Pilot ISN can be easily installed if required (Space and coupling interface provided)
  • 2x DC LISN up to 800 A can be integrated (designed for Schwarzbeck)
  • LISN can be easily removed for calibration


International Charging Plug Design Standards

  CHAdeMO 2.x





Setup Example on a EMC Test Stand Turnable


Pluggable cable connection, hosted within the embedded floor tank.
Cable length to connection box up to max. 10 m