Messung von Ammoniak und Stickoxyden im rohen und verdünnten Abgas.

Laser Absorptions Spectroscopy LAS NH3

AIP‘s Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (LAS) modules are used to measure ammonia and nitrogen oxides in raw and diluted exhaust gas. The modules for exhaust gas measurement are available in both, mobile and stationary design. Different sampling systems can be used in combination.



  • Highly precise measurement method in ppb and ppt range and thus a wide dynamic measurement range
  • No chip calibration necessary
  • High selectivity and low cross sensitivity
  • High and low sampling fluxes possible for various applications
  • High reliability and long-term stability due to differential measurement and thus high measurement quality
  • Robust against dirt and aging of the optics and thus minimization of failure and maintenance intervals
  • No additional operating media required
  • High variability in measurement setup with compact dimensions


  • Measurement of NH3, NO, N2O, NO2, CH2O in raw and diluted exhaust gas
  • Certification of passenger cars and internal combustion engines according to exhaust gas legislation such as
    • 40 CFR US §1065/66
    • EU 2019/1151
  • Use as add-on module for PEMS, as multi-line exhaust gas measurement system on roller or engine test bench
  • Integration into existing test bench systems
  • Development of new NOX aftertreatment systems such as urea SCR, CRTs and LNTs