Roll Surface Plates for the Simulation of Road Surface


Available Surface Textures


ISO rough asphalt

(Reference: Heimertingen)


Noise Road

(Reference: Test road Aschheim)

Ingolstädter cobblestone

(Reference: Test road Ehra)



(Reference: Test road Aschheim)

Chinese concrete road

(Reference: China)






Acoustic measurement





  • Reproducible surface structures (ensure replacement after wear and tear or damage)
  • Minimal gap dimensions between the roll surface plates (acoustic barely resolvable)
  • Easy assembling


Technical Data

  • Roll diameter: 1910 mm (6 m circumference)
  • Roll width: 400 to 800 mm
  • Roller speed  with surface plates: max. 120 km/h
  • Number of plates: 5-8 pieces per roll
  • Plate thickness: max 25 mm
  • Optional with basic support base plate (GFRP, CFRP)
  • Tensile forces on the circumference: approx. 10 kN