Modular system concept for various expansion levels, requirements and budgets.

Function-Performance Roller Test Stand for Commercial Vehicles FRP 8x8

The FRP 8x8 has been specially designed for conducting end of line quality and final check-out tests on commercial vehicles with 2-, 3- and 4 axles. The system has multifunctional capabilities for conducting a wide variety of test procedures from simple driving tests up to special function tests such as TCS or differential lock functions.



  • Automatic vehicle-specific test stand preset (vehicle types database)
  • Automatic test program run
  • Independent design way of the test program by the operator, e.g. input of new test steps, adapting the program (test order step), etc.
  • Testing with active vehicle diagnosis possible


Operating Modes

  • Test program for engine power determination
  • Load simulation controlled by speed, traction or engine RPM
  • Simulation of road resistance
  • Speed tracing of the non-driven vehicle axle(s)

Test Program

  • Vehicle component diagnosis by using a variety of selectable test programs
  • Warm-up, through all gear steps in either speed- or traction regulation
  • ABS tests
  • Speedometer test $ 57 b, $ 57 d
  • Retarder- and intarder tests
  • Standard- and automatic transmission
  • Converter gear clutch
  • Distribution gear box
  • ASR-, TCS tests
  • Differential locking tests
  • Emergency steering pump tests
  • Grinding of the vehicle brakes
  • Speed- / cruise control tests
  • Braking performance test
  • Speed test
  • Test the emergency steering pump, steering wheel position, axle ratio