The PEMS compact measuring system enables the mobile emissions measurement during a real road trip.

Compact Portable Emission Measurement Systems
PEMS (Portable Emission Measurement System) / RDE (Real Driving Emissions)

The device fitted on the test vehicle hardware includes flue gas analyzers, exhaust gas mass flow meter, a weather station a GPS system and the connection to the vehicle network for constituent evaluation.


A probe delivers the vehicle exhaust gases from the test box in real-time mode. The component emissions (CO, CO2, NOX [oder NO + NO2]) together with the associated engine, vehicle and environmental parameters are then recorded for analysis.


PEMS Application Examples

  • Measurement and analysis of the exhaust emissions directly from the vehicle, while on an actual road trip
  • Fuel consumption measurement
  • Analysis for engine development and exhaust after-treatment
  • Component testing



Options PEMS
Analyzers fulfill Euro 6c RDE requirements (accuracy, drift, noise, response time, linearity). No NOX converters are necessary.
Measurement and analysis of the exhaust particle number emissions directly from the vehicle, while on an actual road trip.
The PN-system can be combined with the AIP PEMS-GAS in a weather proof protective and robust case (IP67) as a combined stand-alone unit. It is possible, to combine the system with a AIP exhaust flow meter.
Exhaust gas mass flow meter for the parallel use with additional PEMS units.
Remote control of the desktop applications via web service for visualization of instantaneous emissions and pollutant concentration during a road test drive.