Automated execution of conditioning cycles for activated carbon filters (ACF) from vehicle tank applications

Activated Carbon Filter Conditioning System CANARY

The activated charcoal filter conditioning system CANARY enables the automated execution of conditioning cycles for activated charcoal filters (ACF) from vehicle tank applications. All configurable applications based on loading with a butane-nitrogen mixture or fuel-nitrogen and flushing with air can be implemented with CANARY. Test applications can be carried out according to the US specifications CARB and EPA and the corresponding EU regulations.



  • Integrated plausibility and monitoring functions to increase measurement/work safety
  • Metrologically traceable calibrated working standards/measuring equipment (according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018) for protocol-relevant variables in the standard
  • Interchangeable measuring equipment for minimal downtime due to maintenance and calibration
  • Up to 4 interconnected loading stations
  • Modular design with many options can also be retrofitted later
  • Breakthrough AKF purged with dry air or ambient air to comply with all legislation
  • Flexible integration of the system into the security concept and the technical building equipment (TGA)


  • Procedures for conditioning and loading AKF according to:
    • 40 CFR US §1065/66
    • EU 2019/1151
  • Loading rate and mixing ratio freely adjustable via mass flow controller (butane/nitrogen)
  • Selectable end condition of the loading process (mass-related detected breakthrough or time)
  • Simultaneous flushing of both AKF with ambient air, volume flows can be adjusted independently of each other)
  • Selectable end condition for the purge process (purge air volume, time)
  • Automated, unmanned operation