Analysis system for measuring low concentrations in vehicle exhaust gases

Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy FTIR

The Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy System (FTIR) is an exhaust analysis system for measuring low concentrations of limited and non-limited components in vehicle exhaust. FTIR technology makes it possible to analyze more than 30 infrared-active species simultaneously. The spectrometer is integrated into an independent measuring system, which is suitable for use on engine and vehicle test benches.



  • No operating media (LN2) required due to Stirling Cooler
  • Time-tested and robust analytics
  • Fast response time due to small gas cell volumes
  • Low detection limit due to long-path cell with 5.11 m
  • 5 Hz measurements possible for high data acquisition
  • Depending on the application, different sampling flows can be regulated
  • Due to the measurement and evaluation principle used, the process is calibration-free. No further adjustments or calibration gases are therefore necessary for the measurements.


  • On chassis dynamometers in connection with a CVS (Constant Volume Sampling). Plant for vehicle certification and emission measurement
  • On engine test benches for development measurements or for certain components within the scope of certification according to UNECE R49 - Rev.6 (NH3) and EPA 40 CFR Part 1065 (N2O)
  • For measuring formaldehydes in future legislation
  • To determine the emissions according to:
    • 40 CFR US §1065/66
    • EU 2017/1151