Test Systems for a Clean and Safe Environment


    Fast Mobile Charger R2DC

    DC fast charging of electric vehicles on CEE connections or directly on the test stand respectively during the preconditioning


    Fast Charging Station HPDC

    Battery charging station for fast charging of electric vehicles in combination with a road drive simulation test bench or during preconditioning


    EMC Chassis Dynamometer

    The AIP Chassis Dynamometer design has no detectable RF-radiation in the frequency range between 30 kHz ... 3 GHz!


    Wind Tunnel Balance FRDM

    For the development and basic research in the field of aerodynamic research on cars, delivery vans and racing cars in an aero-acoustic wind tunnel


    Newton Finder / FRDM

    The new testing method 'Newton Finder' enables high-precision measurement of the traction forces (Fx-forces). Each Newton, initiated by the vehicle, is measured accurately


    Emission Chassis Dynos

    More than 700 48" Emission Chassis Dynos Systems installed for rear-, front- or all-wheel-driven vehicles and motorcycles – worldwide!


    PEMS / RDE Measurement

    The compact Portable Emission Measurement System (PEMS) / Real Driving Emissions (RDE) for real-time exhaust gas measurement during an actual road trip

Product Choice According to Application
Chassis Dynos   Battery Charger
Battery Simulator
Battery Tester
  Driving Robot Test Stand Automation Turn Key  
CDM 37.5”       HPDC-1000-Charge - High Power Direct Current - Charging Station   JAMES-P Driving Robot (pneumatic) MCS - Master Control System    
        HPDC-1000-BattSim - High Power Direct Current - Battery Simulation          
        HPDC-1000-BattTest - High Power Direct Current - Battery Tester          
                Wheel Alignment Pit  
                FMG - Fahrwerks Mess Grube  

Battery Experts Forum 22

We have presented brand new, selected products related to electromobility for you at the trade fair.

AIP Products Testing Expo 22

We have brand new and proven products for you on the subject of electromobility and emission measurement technology for the trade fair.

Automotive Industry Products


Test Stand Components and Systems

DC Fast charging station, battery cell tester, battery tester, battery simulator, e-axis test stand, battery shaker.

Emission Measurement

Measurement for all relevant emissions

Mobile emissions measurement, measurement technology for N2O, urea, fuel consumption, nitrogen oxide, particle counting, flow.

Test Stands

Chassis Dynos and Flat Track Test Stands

Test Stands for Exhaust Measurement, R&D, COP-Measurement, Performance, Function, Brakes, Simulation and Powertrain Dynamometers.


Robots and software solutions

Automatic driving robot,
integrated test stand automation and test management.

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