AIP sets new impulses (in the x and z direction) for vibration analysis in the area of driving comfort in complete vehicles

Hydraulic Multi-Stamp System HYD 10H-250 (Road Simulator)

With road simulators, real and/or synthetically generated road profiles are introduced into vehicles, which enable precise investigations of noise sources, endurance tests, component tests, fatigue tests, etc. under dynamic loads.


Quality Advantages

Through the use of highly dynamic road simulators, critical driving areas can be repeated, modified and/or reinforced indefinitely. Thus, the exact analysis of possible sources of interference and influencing variables is possible in detail.


Cost Advantages

Road simulators are used in conjunction with climatic chambers and sun simulation systems in order to achieve significant cost and time advantages that arise in conventional test applications through real road trips in climatic border areas.

Application examples

  • Research into long-term stability / signs of fatigue
  • Noise analysis of complete systems and individual components
  • Fatigue strength analysis
  • Optimization of suspension and damping properties



Depending on the application, hydraulic simulation test benches range from single-piston systems to multi-channel systems.


  • One stamp systems (bumpers, component testing, etc.)
  • Multi-stamp systems (road simulator, exhaust system test, etc.)
  • Multi-post systems (wing testing, shakers, movements with 6 degrees of freedom)