Reproducible N2O measurement in diluted vehicle exhaust gases by using of QCL technology.

Reproducible N2O Measurement

Measurement of the nitrous oxide levels in vehicle emissions is becoming increasingly important because N2O with 298 CO2 equivalent possesses a very high global warming potential.



  • Compact stand-alone or 19" rack-mount analyzer module
    • High selectivity and sensitivity
  • No cross sensitivity to CO, CO2, H2O, NOX, CXHX
  • Easy operation and calibration
  • Short rise times T90: < 2 sec.
  • Low detection limit: < 10 ppb
  • No LNcooling required


  • Certification of cars and internal combustion engines in accordance with future emissions legislation, e.g.
    • EPA 40 CFR 1065
    • EPA 40 CFR 1066, WLTP GTR
    • Matches the requirements in terms of EURO VI
  • Universal application in research, development and quality assurance

Measuring Principle

The QCL laser module is designed to emit laser light to measure N2O in the MIR range. The advantage of using a Quantum Cascade Laser is the extremely narrow band width of the emitted laser light, where a very high selectivity to the desired measurement component can be achieved. When measured over a long path gas-flow cell the coupled laser light is partially absorbed. The absorption rate determined by the analyzer software is a measure of the concentration of the component gas.