Specially designed for end-line quality- and check-out tests.

Testlane for Tractors FRP / BPS

Two vehicles can be tested simultaneously on the combination "two-axle function roller test stand and brake roller test stand". The short cycle times result in significant time and cost savings.
The automatic test program uses a vehicle model database. All test relevant target data and equipment specifications for individual vehicles are filed in this database. The testing instructions are displayed on two large color screens and can be individually paged through and evaluated by using cable free infrared remote control. The test results are documented on a protocol printer and filed in a test result database.



Function Roller Test Stand

  • Vehicle model database with all modelspecific equipment characteristics
  • Automatic test program
    • Vehicle specific program procedure based on the data from the vehicle model database
    • Check of all gear steps, forward/reverse
    • Check of highest speed
    • Stop watch for acceleration measurement
    • Check turnover gear
    • Determination of idle RPM, peak RPM, parking brake
  • Test protocol
    • Documentation of measurements
    • Filing of test results

Brake Roller Test Stand

Test Program

  • Determination of brake values of the rear axle, front axle and parking brake
  • Check of the differential lock
  • Steering brake functional test
  • Print-out of the test protocol



  • Modular test stand concept for various extension steps, applications and budgets
  • Extendet versions, e.g. with higher axle load, wider rollers, etc.
  • Optional packages, e.g. to extend the performance, test speed or temperature range
  • Different vehicle restraint systems
  • Hydraulic support rollers, etc.