Function- and quality tests of 3- and 4-wheel forklifts.

Brake-Performance-Roller Test Stand for Forklifts BL

The BL test stand is a combined brake-performance roller test stand especially designed for model-, quality tests (DVT).


Brake tests

  • Service brakes, parking brakes
  • Single wheel switch
  • Measurement values: brake force left/right imbalance
  • Roller resistance
  • Pedal force left/right


Performance tests

  • In driving mode (reference input speed and traction)
  • In standstill mode (measurement of starting torque)
  • Measurement values: speed, traction with force direction, wheel power, driving direction, traction current, lift force, etc.
  • Documentation of measured values via print and in a database
  • Display of test operations on the monitor


  • Double roller set in asymmetric version, suitable for 3- and 4-wheel forklifts
  • Two drive machines for the brake test (disengaging)
  • Eddy-roller brake for conducting performance tests
  • Lifting bar between the rollers with integrated sensor. Roller for slip recognition
  • Rollers connected via tooth belts
  • Color monitor for the clearly visualizing the easy to handle, menue driven test program
  • Swivable operation console for keyboard, protocol-stripprinter, pedal force meter and traction current measurement pliers
  • Test protocol for documentation of test results
  • PC with database for filing measurement results



  • Modular test stand concept for various extension steps, applications and budgets
  • Extendet versions, e.g. with higher axle load, wider rollers, etc.
  • Optional packages, e.g. to extend the performance, test speed or temperature range
  • Automatic roller cover for high safety level
  • Weight simulator with integrated lift force measurement
  • Pull-down device for battery weight simulation, adjustable load