Integral exhaust gas measurement system for flexible and scalable operations.

Modular Emission Measurement System EMS

Modular exhaust measuring system for determining a limited and non-limited exhaust gas components from diluted and undiluted vehicle exhaust.


In the development of AIP EMS were the requirements/compliance to global legislation in the foreground (UNECE R83, EPA 40 CFR 86 & 1065, TRIAS Att. 42, WLTP).


CO / CO2 ABB Uras (NDIR)
O2 ABB Magnos (PMD)
THC / NMHC ABB Fidas (Cutter - FID)
NOX / NO / NO2 AIP CLD or ABB Limas
Further components on request.



  • On a chassis dynamometer in conjunction with a CVS system for vehicle certification
  • On engine test beds
  • On a chassis dynamometer in conjunction with a raw exhaust gas sampling system for research and development of catalysts


  • Compact cabinet design, easy accessibility for maintenance and service work. The back wall of the cabinet can be placed directly against the wall of the test cell
  • Components networking via EtherCAT
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Standard industrial hardware avoids high cost of spare parts
  • Mobile using a pump truck, the unit can be pulled out during operation
  • 2 lines in a 19" cabinet (1+ tracer/EGR)
  • Components quick-change concept ('snap-in' principle) ensures maximum system availability
  • 'Snap-in' principle: Plug-in modules with locking mechanism allows quick docking of measurement modules from the front of the system cabinet. The gas connections are separated by undocking while the electrical supply remains wired. Advantage: Servicing of the analyzer modules in the normal operating condition.


Heated Flame Ionisation Detector HFID

For continuous measurement of THC in the dilution tunnel.


  • Heated sampling probe
  • Heating pipe
  • Analyzer – quick snap-in technology
  • 19" rack design