Electromagnetic Compliance (EMC) Measurement.

EMC Chassis Dynamometer CDM 37.5L / EMC

Road trip simulation test stand for reproducible measurements of electromagnetic compatibility (EM influence of the vehicle on the environment or EM effects on the vehicle from the outside) in an EMC test cell in the fields of development and certification.


The AIP Chassis Dynamometer design has no detectable RF-radiation in the frequency range between 30 kHz ... 3 GHz!



  • Roll Diameter 37.5" (953 mm)
  • Special AIP motor design to avoid emission of electromagnetic disturbance
  • Multi-motor-design (individual drive motors for each roll)
  • Rolls can be controlled individually, e.g. for ABS tests, traction control tests or other vehicle tests
  • Nominal driving power 146 HP (109 kW) per motor (other power packages available)


  • P-JAMES EMC Drive Robot pneumatic brake- clutch actuator as well as steering wheel actuator designed for EMC test
  • Rotary actuator (E.g. 9 m in diameter), ground-level integrated into the test cell, for the automatic positioning ± 190° of the test vehicle to the EM radiation source
  • In the turntable built-in extinguisher systems (water fog or CO2)