Endurance measurements for strength tests and for quality assurance.

Mileage Accumulation Chassis Dynos CDM 48L/M and CDM 62.6 L/M

Reproducible, automated endurance measurements in a test cell or outdoors for simulating life cycles for a complete vehicle, vehicle components and lubricants, etc.



  • Roller diameter 48" or 62,6"
  • Motor-in-the-middle (MIM) design for compact pit dimensions
  • Robust system design, low maintenance
  • Easy to acess with optional sub-systems
    • Throttle actuator or automatic driving robot
    • Data collection / data processing systems
    • Vehicle cooling fan
    • Automatic refueling
  • Prüfgeschwindigkeiten bis 350 km/h (Option)
  • Test speeds up to 350 km/h (option)
  • Optional: Various performance packages as well as noise reduction modifications available, e.g. to reduce tire noise

Motorcycle Adaptation Kit

for two-wheeled cycle test in conjunction with a 48" or 62.6" chassis dynamometer.


  • Reduced mechanical base inertia
  • Noise absorbing safety barriers and roller coating (optional)
  • Vehicle positioning sensors, integrated in the test stand safety loop