Aerodynamic studies.

Wind Tunnel Balance with Integrated 4WD Flat Track Dyno FRDM 20L

For the development and basic research in the field of aerodynamic research on cars, delivery vans and racing cars in an aero-acoustic wind tunnel.


Test Stand Design (Example)

In order to come as close as possible to the real wind conditions which impacts a vehicle during a road trip, those conditions are simulated on a wind tunnel balance with an integrated flat track dyno ('rolling road').


The test project shown (example) includes, e.g. a 5-belt system, consisting of a driven belt unit (WDU – wheel drive unit) per wheel and a Center Belt (CB) for the simulation of the road surface under the test vehicle.


The AIP-5 belt system allows versatile use for reproducible aerodynamic and aero-acoustic measurement tasks (example: Cd value optimization, component strength test, ...). For measurements with inclusion of crosswind effects on the test vehicle, the flat track dyno is built into a turntable (e.g. 12 m diameter), which is combined with a high-resolution balance system.

This wind tunnel balance is primarily used for the reproducible determination of the forces introduced by the vehicle in x-y-z direction as well as for the precise measurement of induced roll-, pitchand yaw moments. In addition, e.g. a sill-stacker cranes (SHE) to the horizontal fixing of the vehicle when turning wheels (wheels are driven by the WDU, vehicle's engine is not active) is included.


Test Bench Key Data (Example)

  • Application for 2WD and 4WD vehicles
  • Axle load max.: 2,000 kg
  • Test speed max.: 265 km/h
  • Wheelbase: min. 1,750 mm ... max. 3,750 mm
  • Total weight (including turntable / wind tunnel balance): approximately 80 tons
  • Total height of the test stand combination: approx. 5 m

For optional service accessibility, the center belt can be raised using the integrated lifting equipment.