Hydrogen Fuel Cell Testing for Membrane Electrode Assembly

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Testing for Membrane Electrode Assembly H2FC-MEA

With the H2FC-MEA, tests and characterizations are carried out on individual fuel cells or cell stacks under defined operating conditions. The H2FC-MEA is designed to be self-sufficent and flexible and based on a modular system. The test sequences parameterized with a sequence editor run directly on a real-time computer, which guarantees the uninterrupted execution and recording of very long test sequences.



  • Gas dosing via mass flow controller (H2 / air)
  • Humidification of the gases by a bubble column reactor with an integrated dry bypass to achieve high dynamics
  • Adjustable operating points at the cathode and anode (flow rate, pressure, dew point, temperature)
  • Inerting with nitrogen at the cathode and anode in the event of a fault
  • Plausibility and monitoring functions (H2-warning unit, flow-monitoring, exhaust system, leak check, monitoring of customer-side media …)
  • Automated, unmanned operation
  • Measurement protocol and data export
  • Possibility of connection to the customer‘s ATEX exhaust air system


  • Bypass Anode/Kathode
  • Dosing of contamination gases in anode and cathode processing
  • Separate dosing of O2 in cathode preparation
  • Automatic filling of the bubble column reactors for unmanned operation
  • Cooling circuit for tempering the fuel cell (Delta p, Delta T or T regulation)
  • Impedance spectroscopy to characterize the cells
  • Electronic load (sink) for simulating